Stormälö South america Cape Horn 2

Hi there!
This is an old slide show from the beginning of the journey. S/y Naneux
is being built in the island of Stormälö near Turku. We made quite a lot changes
to the hull itself and rig and the superstructures. New sails, electronics and all
the gear.

Set the sails one summer evening towards the westermost  lighthouse in Finland
and towards an island in the Baltic.

Many beautiful scenes and photos were taken. German coast towards Kiel and
to the Frisian islands.
We passed Dutch channels and sailed through Amsterdam - North Sea channel back to the
We made a stop in Belgium before the famous lighthouse near Dover harbor. We sailed the English channel with a pleasant side wind. the weather started to get better after the lows that followed us all the way from Denmark.
Sunny stop in Cherbourg. This harbor is the mother of all harbors we met on our sailing trip. Also a perfect town to purchase bunker. All the facilities were great on the pier.

Nice downwind sailing to the famous sailing "Mekka" of Brest. We even had a chance to sail the channel between Quesant and the mainland. It was foggy but no wind. we passed the rocky channel with motor. We of course visited the Tabarly Bar to eat mussels with potato chips and white wine.
We also made beautiful trips to French countryside and to Saint Malo and The Mont St Michelle monastery.
New crew member entered the ship and we set sails early one autumn morning over the Biscay to La Coruna. Beautiful city and the food tasted divine after a few days sailing. The weather was calm all the way to the entrance of La Coruna. Biscay showed us it´s power when the sea shoaled.

Bayona was the most spectacular town I´we been during this trip. Portugal coastline is beautiful and we even had a chance to visit one fishing village one evening. We stayed on a fishing pier loose as they do with the tide. Morning swim on the beach.

Our last and final harbor was Nazaré in Portugal. We hoisted the boat on the hard here and went strolling the city´s boulevard. The small streets had genuine portugese atmosphere.


Sailing Gran Canaria 2016 videos

Part 1

Part 2

Link HD video: Sailing Gran Canaria 2016 video HD

Kiitokset Kimmo! Muistot Teneriffan ja Gran Canarian kierroksesta.
Tänä vuonna emme liikuta venettä Kanarialta. Aiomme kevään/kesän aikana tutustua vielä Lanzaroten ja Gomeran saariin.
Tämä on ollut ja tulee olemaan tervetullutta lisää ainakin minun kiinteistöjen hoitotehtäviin.
Kuten Kimmo totesi videolla, odottelemme innolla seuraavaa purjehdusta.

Capt. Jukka

Many thank´s to Kimmo! Memories from our sailing trip, Tenerife and Gran Canaries.
This year the boat stays in Canaries. We are planning to sail to Lanzarote and Gomera.
This has been a perfect exchange to my real estate works.
As Kimmo said on video, we are waiting for our next sailing trip.

Capt. Jukka


A foto cavalcade of the boat and the crew of this summer.

We are waiting with excitement for Pertti´s films to be edited and he has certainly some good pics to add to the blog also.
Here are marvelous shots by Kimmo of the dolphins and the boat on sail.
A foto cavalcade of the boat and the crew of this summer.

Atlantic Ocean, foto Kimmo

Bow and the dolphin, foto Kimmo

Two dolphins, foto Kimmo

Best shot of our sailing trip, foto Kimmo
Laundry guys

Crew on the road

Skipper and Kimmo

Skipper on his own laundry job

Heading to some harbor,foto Kimmo


The King Fisher Pertti


Atlantic Navigator

All in one piece after the tour

Mast checking

Fisher from Maspalomas


Maspalomas dunes in Gran Canaria

We almost died of heat in Maspalomas dunes. Great relief after we got to the waterfront!

Maspalomas lighthouse

We almost drop the eyes on it, tourists on a caravan and we are
with our sandals bodies dehydrating effectively in the direct sun.

He is falling into a pleasant dream!

Me and my girl riding high!

Beach bar on the left corner

This was left of the famaous nude beach and some old blokes
in bare skins trying to find something to look at. 

This hasn´t been found by sailing. This was an old waterway in
Gran Canary where Kolumbus stopped on his way to the New World.

We had some wind on the way
back to Tenerife

Getting Atlantic Navigator ready for our sailing trip

Canary Islands

More photographs of the boys and the toys!

My friend Pertti and me arrived one week earlier to San Miguel to service the Atlantic Navigator. Clean the mast and her underwater body. Give her a new coat of paint and we even raised the waterline in the aft a few cm.

A sad sight met us in the basin full of water. We wandered what happened to a 15 m motor yacht. When they managed to lift the hull pieces out of the water we could see what it was all about.
Some guy had built a cabin of scrap wood and plywood. Screwed it together and covered the whole "thing" with a 2 mm thick fiber glass layer. No keel stocks - No bulkheads - no stringers, just something like a cottage screwed together. Two big Volvo engines and a lot fine electronic stuff.
He throttled away from the harbor and the piece of shit went in to parts when hitting the waves.
I feel sorry of the sad owner of the water front cottage.

This was in our way to get hoisted up on land.
Brand new Volvo engines soaked with salt water.
Up she raises.

Some guy thought he could build a boat, this happened on her
 maiden voyage from Tenerife to Gran Canaria

Today our turn to get up.

Atlantic Navigator was full of vegetation and was newly painted
with new zink anodes
Paintig the antifouling and new epoxy treatment to the port
 side of the keel.

A concert was arranged on the golf course

washing the mast and the shrouds

San Miguel harbor

Ready for the adventure Round the Canary islands

Las Palmas dock yard

Some older racing yachts

Newer version of racing machines

Laundry day

Atlantic Navigator in Las Palmas

Leaving for Puerto Rico

Las Palmas 

Lazy days in Puerto Rico

"Torre" in our harbor in San Miguel. The ultimate place to enjoy
evening drinks or get yourselves a good cup of morning coffee.

Crew having breakfast

Crew having breakfast

Back from the 2016 tour 

Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos

Teide from the air craft

Las Galletas tivoli

New lightning on boats

Las Palmas beach

Crew waiting for breakfast

Fish market in Las Galletas

Las galletas beach